Sailing Notes

This page is for the benefit of sailors, a spot where we thought we could pass on information based on our personal experiences. Click on the links below to see the articles.


Guide to the Chagos Archipelago/BIOT – RCC Pilotage Foundation

Clearing in to Indonesia at Jayapura

Checking out of Papua New Guinea at Vanimo

Galapagos clearance procedures

Transiting the Panama Canal without an agent


Adina’s anchorages in Papua New Guinea

Adina’s anchorages in the Solomon Islands

Advice on sailing in the unspoilt islands of Ha’apai, Tonga

Bay of Islands Anchorage, Fiji – Yachting Monthly, August 2017

Kelefesia Anchorage, Tonga – Yachting Monthly, May 2016

Isabela Anchorage, Galapagos – Yachting Monthly, September 2015

Advice on sailing in Algeria


How to use satellite images for navigation – Yachting Monthly, March 2016

Getting GRIB files onto an iPad

Using a stern anchor

How to anchor like an expert – Yachting Monthly, January 2016

How to survive strong winds in port – Yachting Monthly, July 2015

Life at sea

Trading in the South Pacific

Giving aid in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam

Telemedicine for cruisers – Yachting World, February 2017

How and why to take care of your skin – Yachting Monthly, Summer 2015

Home from home – Yachting Monthly, June 2015


The Great Ninigo Islands Canoe Race – Yachting Monthly, Summer 2017

Swimming with whales in Tonga – Yachting Monthly, June 2015

Tuamotus: the unforgettable challenge – Yachting Monthly, June 2015

From sea to shining sea (Panama Canal Transit) – Yachting Monthly, December 2014

Welcome to Algeria – Yachting Monthly, Summer 2014


2 responses to “Sailing Notes

  1. dietmar says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your Algerian ports – what an adventure ! I have several great anchorages for you for the south pacific – would love to trade details !

  2. Shane says:

    I was interested on any comments you may have re; French Polynesia in 2014 in particular Hiva OA. My son, Alan is sailing on a Bavaria 51 with 3 others from Acapulco and is due to arrive in about 9 days.They will eventually arrive in Aukland NZ.

    Thank you and congratulations on your site. Regards, Shane D. Hazlehurst-Howles