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15 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Soeren Dahl says:

    Dear Tom & Susie.

    I have with interest read the informative stuff at your website.

    I am a danish long distance sailor for about 18 years. I crossed The Atllantic Ocean 4 times so far. In other peoples boats, but this year it will be in my own together with crew. My goal is Tahiti and The south Paccific. We leave Copenhagen July 15th this year. Its a OPUS 34 from 1970.

    I have a quistion for you : There is no holding tanks for either grey water and toilet waste in my good old boat. How does the athorities in Coco Island and Galapagos look at these facts. Does the boat need to contain these tank solid installed within the boat with hoses and pumps? Is there regulations for amount of liters according to the number of people on board? Would it be possible to pump the both waste waters into a loose plastic tank on deck and when full take it ashore for emptying? Do you know where to find regulations for these things? I like to get the hardware installed before leaving Denmark in July.

    Looking forward to hear from you people.

    Best regards Soeren Dahl.

  2. tony belchamber says:

    Hello from another Hylas owner.
    We have a hylas 46 hull number 65 which we purchased from new in 2007. we would be interested to lean from your experience and wonder if we know you boat already? as we sailed on a number of Hylas before we purchased ours.
    happy sailing
    tony belchamber
    S/Y “China Blue”
    Hylas 46

  3. Angie says:

    Hey there guys!! awesome blog. I found you on Noonsite whilst reading about the Galapagos and all the rules for entering. We are a 51ft ketch, SoulRebel, freshly adopted by my partner and myself and plan to arrive late April to the Galapagos.
    Would you have any helpful information or advice on this stuff? agents etc etc?

    Hope your doing well and good on you for living the dream!


  4. Liz Bloomfield says:

    you will not remember me Tom but i was a friend of your mums in Lusaka. i worked on the children’s ward when you were admitted, you were 11 i think. anyway i speak with your mum regularly. so glad to hear you and your partner are okay i hope the yacht will be fine too. i’m just back from South Africa and we had some weird weather there too. i lived in Papua New Guinea for three years and it was earthquakes we had there. so glad your safe Hamba Khale.
    liz bloomfield

  5. Tony & Jane Grove says:

    Hi Susie and Tom

    So pleased to see and hear you are safe and well. We are following your adventure with interest.It seems a long time ago since you past Hurst Castle.
    Very happy that you received, and took good advice regarding taking the boat out of water during cyclone season ,Can’t beat experience.
    Just to let you know that life in the New Forest is lovely and the Chesapeake bay retriever “KAYOS” is one happy rescue dog.
    safe journey and best wishes
    Tony&Jane Grove

  6. Arindom says:

    Hi Tom and Susie. Just wanted to say hello and well done for still keeping going ! I read about all the fantastic efforts in Vanuatu too. Good luck for the ongoing voyage. Regards. Arindom.

  7. mauro says:

    bolla tzara my dear friends.
    we are back to Italy but our heart is in Madagascar with you and with all those beautiful people we know there and we shared with you.
    where are you?

  8. Piers says:

    Are you guys still on holiday ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope that you enjoy Madagascar….

  9. Meryon Bridges says:

    Dear Tom and Susie,
    We met briefly over lunch in Belitung on Mike Kefford’s boat, Tashi Delek. I’ve been following your blog with interest because, although presently at home in Wiltshire, I will be joining another boat from that rally, the Taswell 56, Alexes, in January (2017) to follow you across the Indian Ocean to Capetown. There will be just two of us on board, neither in the first flush of youth, and we plan to follow your route. Do you have any particular comments or words of wisdom to impart? Many thanks, Meryon

  10. jacqui and walter says:

    Congratulations Tom and Suzie best place to chose. Hope to see you in the future somewhere. Enjoy your 2 nd home. Hugs Jax Walter

  11. Daniel Coppens says:

    Hi Susie and Tom,
    congratulation with your circumnavigation that I have been following for a while. Fantastic and inspiring performance of both of you. Iยดm Belgian and considering starting a similar experience later this year with my Moody 54.
    Your blog has inspired me a lot and I have to thank you for the many useful hints and information I found. I let you enjoy the satisfaction of the performance for now and if I have a specific question I will maybe get back to you.
    Kindest regards and congratulation once more,

  12. Malcolm & Liz Keenor says:

    Dear Suzie & Tom,
    Congratulations on your point to point circumnavigation of our world (earth!). It would have been lovely to have been with you when you entered Prickly bay yesterday morning. Well done indeed!

    Having now completely filled in my travel log of your marathon voyage ( Tristan Jones would have been proud of you, even if you saw no ice, other than in a glass! and didn’t sail on lake Titicaca) I have a few travel statistics for you…

    Your Granada to Granada circumnavigation took 776 days to complete (give or take an hour) and covered 30,724 miles (not your nautical miles but the good old landlubbers 1760 Yds to each one!)

    And, as if that’s not enough, your total voyage – Hamble to Grenada and then around to Granada again , by my reckoning covered a very respectable 38,178 miles, completed in (give or take an hour!) 1456 days.

    Also, by my reckoning, your fastest recorded speed was 9.2 knots , on the passage from Indonesia to Singapore.

    The lowest outside temperature was a miserable 3 degrees C and was recorded when you started your voyage in The Hamble on 30th March 2013 (clearly a miserable spot!), while the highest, at 61 degrees, recorded in Indonesia, must have been almost unbearable!….you must have slept on deck that night!

    No doubt you’re looking forward to some good old R&R before getting stuck in to your wedding preparations.

    Well done to you both, on so many fronts .

    It’s been a pleasure travelling with you for the 1456 days (if a little bumpy at times!) since you slipped you lines in murky old Hampshire 30.3.13

    God bless you both and all our best wished for your future lives together…

    All our love,
    From Malcolm & Liz

  13. Colin Rokesley says:

    Lovely blog, thanks for taking your time to share the information. I just have a quick question I also want to check in to jayapura but on the cait form the drop down box for Port of entry does not list it or am I missing something. I do see the other and I mean just the word other option but I’m wary of clicking other as I don’t need any hassle when I get there. So I guess my question is did you find jayapura as an option or did you click other. Thanks in advance kind regards, Colin

    • says:

      Apologies Colin – we hardly check our website now. Check for the latest. I have heard it is no longer a check-in point and you now have to go to Sarong. Best wishes, Tom and Susie