North of the Equator


Sunday 27 September 2015

Adina has crossed north of the Equator. Given we’re known as a gin and tonic boat it seemed only apt that we offered Neptune a little nip of gin. It was a bit early in the day so an Oreo biscuit was offered too! We’re only dipping our toe in the Northern Hemisphere for a short while as we’ve come up to see the lovely Wayag islands of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Next we’ll be heading south-west to Sulawesi, which entails a passage of around 730 nautical miles. Good chance to get the blog up-to-date. And Neptune gets to enjoy another shot of gin with his sea water.

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One response to “North of the Equator

  1. Hiya lads,laragh is now in Bali and eventhough its lovely is not holding a candle to the people of Sulawesi where there is no tourist footfall.check out laragh456 ,may have some useful detail or mail us if ye have any questions.dave