Adina crosses the Panama Canal webcam


Monday 24 February 2014

So a few people have shown interest in trying to spot Adina on the Panama Canal webcams.

The link is here:

There are webcams at the Gatun Locks (ascent), Miraflores Locks (descent) and the Centennial Bridge at the exit. We expect to arrive at the locks themselves around 7.30pm (past midnight UK) today. Yesterday we know things were behind schedule so who knows what will happen tonight!

We will moor overnight in the Gatun Lake and then begin the descent tomorrow. In all honesty you’ll have more chance of seeing us on the descent at the Miraflores Locks which we should arrive at around midday (5pm UK time).

*** However all these timings are approximates, things change on the day ***

We will use our tracker to show our progress and ping it when we arrive at the Gatun Locks, the Miraflores Locks, and the Centennial Bridge plus automatically every hour in between. Best advice is to follow the tracker.

Perhaps the odd picture on good old Facebook if our local SIM card works!

See you there!

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