Bridge of Americas, Panama


Wednesday 26 February 2014

So Adina is now safely on a mooring buoy right by the magnificent Bridge of Americas. As for us, we’ve hopped into a taxi and dashed into Panama City for dinner in a Panamanian restaurant recommended by our pilot! Slightly shattered but on a high!

A big thank you to Huaras, Jacque and Jacqueline for being our line handlers. We couldn’t have asked for more: you focused and did such an excellent job and were so friendly and caring of our boat. Merci beaucoup!

To everybody that followed us, sent messages of support, pictures of us on the webcams, a huge thank you, it means a lot to us to know there is support from family and friends!

Tomorrow we tour Panama City and then take Adina to the Las Perlas islands for a holiday of white beaches and palm trees!


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6 responses to “Bridge of Americas, Panama

  1. Hazel & Colin says:

    Well done Adina!
    Seems like I missed an interesting trip.
    Really enjoying the blog.

  2. We have been following you every step of the way through the canal and are thrilled and excited that you have made it safe and sound. Inspired by Suzie’s Spanish skills, Sarah has vowed to learn before we hit Panama next year. Ted and Robert say a big “hey mon” from Martinique.

    The crew of Millport II

  3. Sandy Mackenzie says:

    Yay! And the Pacific adventure starts. Not at all jealous, honest. X

  4. David Grundlingh says:

    Well done Susie, great to see you living the dream!
    Hope you both just keep on having great life experiences and enjoy every minute.

    As you enter the Pacific, I can recommend a book that will keep you amused: ‘Seaworthy – Adrift with William Willis in the Golden Age of Rafting’.

    one more word – extremely-jealous!

    • Ian Culley says:

      Hi Susie
      So the next big trip has started!! Very best wishes to Adina and crew: safe journey.
      Ian Culley