Day 2 Niue to Tonga – the day that never was


Monday 25 August 2014

The wind never stopped and we never slowed. It gusted and died down and gusted and calmed down and so on. The sea state picked up and, while a little lumpy with 2-3m swells on the beam, Adina tore through it.

Come 6pm we started applying the brakes and got rid of sail to time our arrival for daylight. Knowing there were five or six boats in the vicinity we all had to ensure we didn’t pile into each other.

Come midnight Saturday we skipped a day as Tonga is on the international date line. Saturday became Monday and Sunday 24th August never occurred in our lives.

One catamaran screamed past us and just before dawn we saw he had to apply some severe braking. Come dawn, we were all orderly, sailing behind each other in a line around the Tongan coast. Being in front we got lucky to get on the dock and cleared in first. With lots of wind and a wharf higher than Adina we relied on friends to pull us out!

We’re on a mooring buoy now with a fair amount of wind but the water is well sheltered and we have several boating friends for company.

So for the next four weeks we get to explore Tonga, something we’ve been looking forward to. First up is swimming with humpback whales which are with their calves in warm waters here before heading back to the Antartica. A little excited about that one. Adina is past the so-called dangerous middle and now it’s time to enjoy!

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2 responses to “Day 2 Niue to Tonga – the day that never was

  1. Ros says:

    So glad to read of your safe arrival in Tonga. Looking forward to hearing what Tonga and her people are like – those of us who were around in the 1950s probably have one lasting impression of Tonga and that is of Queen Salote attending our Queen’s coronation in 1953. Queen Salote stood out from all of the VIPs as a very large (6′ 3″ tall) colourful lady always laughing and smiling, not the least bit bothered by the rain!
    Ros x

  2. Justine Noy says:

    Hello Tom and Susie
    We love your stories and following your journey.
    Hopefully we can catch up in Vanuatu when you stay for a while.
    Justine and Peter.