Half way round the world


Saturday 4 October 2014

MapAdina has arrived in Savusavu, Fiji. We are now at 16 degrees 54 minutes south and 179 degrees eighteen minutes EAST. Technically that means we are now on our way home! It just may take a year or two… We’ll be in Fiji for 4-5 weeks before setting off for Vanuatu where our voyage takes a break for cyclone season.

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One response to “Half way round the world

  1. Malcolm Keenor says:

    What a great blog and insight into so many things…witty, interesting, philosophical and, of course, saddened but uplifted also by your memories of times shared with your good and much missed friend and dive buddy, Narlee.

    Can’t help thinking that, from the photo of your fuel transfer to Adina, gravity might have bee the perfect, if slower, solution. The only problem, I guess, would be getting a good suck on the lower end of the syphon without getting a mouthfull of gasoil!

    Big Mama’s sounds like my idea of a proper bar. A place where you’re immediately welcomed and feel at home. Can’t help thinking that , given the laid back attitude of life throughout the Pacific islands, you’ll find many more such places. I wish there was one in Fareham. However, with the cold, wind and rain we’ve been getting lately, not to mention the lightning strike we had a week or so back, which knocked out our TV, router and digi-box, perhaps it would not be such a good idea!……however, sand on the floor of the golf club?….nope, I can’t see it!

    I continue to plot your progress on my excell spreadsheet and can confirm that at the time of your crossing the Greenwich Meridian from West to East you had (give or take a few unplotted tacks and gybes on the way, and allowances for going around land masses when the plotted course shows you sailing across dry land!), you had completed 16,479.85 miles.

    May Poseidon continue to support and inspire your onward voyage, and keep you both safe.

    All our love, as allways
    Malcolm & Liz