Captain Ben pops by


Thursday 7 May 2015

Bens view of Adina from the cockpit

Bens view of Adina from the cockpit

There’s always some fun happening on-board Adina but every now and then we get an unusual surprise.

Anchored in Luganville, Santo we got a message from an old school friend Ben Lovering who is a commercial pilot saying that he was flying from Papua New Guinea to Fiji and would be flying over Vanuatu. A while later an updated flying plan arrived that he was flying right near us as he had to divert due to some storms – we suspect Ben had decided he was going to fly over us.

Hello Ben!

Hello Ben!

Let’s just say Brilliant!’. Thanks for popping by Ben – hope we see you ground level sometime and happy flying.

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One response to “Captain Ben pops by

  1. Ben says:

    So close yet so far!

    Yes hope to meet at MSL sometime soon – enjoy your travels and adventures.