Not part of the Plan


Thursday 25 June 2015

Brisbane in winter

Brisbane in winter

Tom suffered a severe infection last week whilst we were in the Morova Lagoon area of the Solomon Islands. Following initial assessment in Gizo Hospital and input from doctors overseas we have left Adina and flown to Brisbane, Australia, for him to have some further tests and checks. Unfortunately there are concerns that the infection may have affected his heart.

Tom himself continues to get better by the day and seems largely normal again, though he is still tired and needing a lot of rest. He will have tests at the end of this week and we hope to have initial results early next week. We’ll be in a better position then to understand what needs to happen next.

We have been very fortunate in being helped by family, friends and new friends facilitating getting Adina to safety, us to Brisbane and treatment lined up for Tom – we are very thankful. Thank you also to everybody for their continued support. 

Fingers crossed all will be well. Tom is already talking about visiting Papua New Guinea!

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14 responses to “Not part of the Plan

  1. Ben says:

    Get well soon Tom.

  2. Nichola Squier says:

    Get well soon Tom and well done Susie by all accounts you are being a brilliant Florence! Love to you both from all of us, Nichola, Chris, Will & Molly xxxx

  3. Gareth says:

    Get Well Soon Matey

    My thoughts are with you.

  4. Paul Mace says:

    Get well soon fella
    Boys send ther love
    Speak soon
    The maces

  5. Neil says:

    Hang tight both of you and get better soon! Our thoughts are with you, as ever do let me know if I can help in any way

  6. William Bruton says:

    Get well soon Tom!

  7. Yacht Millport II says:

    Get well soon Tom. Sarah and the boys send their love.


  8. Roger Harris says:

    What really bad luck. Do hope test results are favourable and that you will soon be able to resume your fabulous adventure.

  9. James A says:

    Rotten luck – how distressing. Still, if there’s anyone I know who is adept at managing a crisis about as far from the emergency services as possible it’s you guys.

    Get well soon!

  10. Fi says:

    Your adventure continues. Get well soon wishes to Tom, hope you get back to plan A soon.

  11. Ros says:

    Vote for Susie and Tom! They’ve been nominated for Sailor of the Year in Sailing Today magazine. To vote for them go to Voting closes on Aug 23rd so plenty of time to spread the word. Come on, let’s give them a lift – it’s what they need at the moment.

  12. Malcolm & Liz Keenor says:

    Hi Suzie & Tom
    What rotten bad luck! It just goes to prove that, no matter how much planning you put in, there is always the X factor….and there were we thinking you’d decided to put your feet up for a bit, before leaving the Solomon Islands!
    Best wishes and all our love Tom for a speedy recovery and return to your beloved Adina…
    Malcolm & Lix xx

  13. Liz Bloomfield says:

    hope your feeling better Tom. i lived in PNG for three years in the 80’s watch out for Rascals – people who steal from you. last time i saw you you were about eleven that was in Lusaka.

  14. Ros King says:

    Alan and I are sorry to hear this Susie. You just never know what’s round the corner? Our very best wishes to Tom who will hopefully make a speedy and full recovery. Many thanks Susie for your email it was very helpful. We look forward to hearing that you are back on board Adina and continuing your trip. Ros and Alan.