Update from Brisbane


Wednesday 1 July 2015

Dr Bill Kahler - not just a great dentist but a good man too supplying toothpaste to give to islanders

Dr Bill Kahler – not just a great dentist but a good man too supplying toothpaste to give to islanders

Tom continues to improve every day and is now up and about as normal. He has had a lot of tests and assessments since we’ve been in Brisbane and the good news is that his heart has been declared ‘normal’. The bad news is that he has had to lose a tooth that was harbouring an infection at its root, the potential/probable cause of his illness in the Solomons. Amazing to think such a small thing could cause such a big problem!

We are waiting for some further test results at the end of this week but all initial indications are that the infection has gone from his system. So whilst it would be nice to know more about what the infection was, it looks like we may never know. As long as Tom’s tooth continues to heal as it should do, we plan to fly back to Adina early next week to continue our travels.

We’ve had a lot of incredible help over the past couple of weeks and are indebted to many people. We would especially like to thank Nigel Kittow, Tom’s family, Susie’s family, Simon Gore at the British High Commission in the Solomon Islands, Noel & Terry at Liapari Boatyard, Londa & David Rebetzke, Leah Plumpton, Dr Katrina Harrison, Dr Chris Tuckey and the Queensland Cardiovascular Group, Dr Julia Moldavtsev, Dr Simon Franks and Dr Bill Kahler.

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4 responses to “Update from Brisbane

  1. Gareth says:

    That is very good news. Hope you are back on Adina real soon. X

  2. Roger Harris says:

    Great news. Am pleased for you both

  3. Mary says:

    Good News Tom hope you can board Adina soon and continue sailing the seas. Our thanks to Susie for her outstanding talents in getting you the help you needed. We have all voted for you both and look forward to seeing the result!
    Love as always Mary

  4. John Richardson says:

    Dropped by to check on the big tour only to find a little bad news … which has now thankfully turned into better news. Other than this little hiccup it sounds like you’ve been having lots of fun. Hope to hear news of you weighing anchor soon and your further adventures. Take care, John