Adina in Singapore


Saturday 31 October 2015

Adina in Singapore

Adina in Singapore

We woke and took a leisurely breakfast before heading out staying parallel to the traffic separation scheme until it was time to cross. The current was heaving and not in our favour as we struggled to make four knots at times. When it came to cross we decided to radio the Singapore Vessel Traffic Information System (VTIS) to let them know our intentions which got us a friendly “Ok, please be safe. It is busy.”

Luckily as we crossed the current was behind us and we fired Adina along. One ship was borderline so we slowed and then radioed them to let them know we would wait and then pass to their stern. A minute later VTIS also radioed the ship ‘Sir, there is a small craft on your bow and to starboard – have you seen them?” “Yes, they have radioed us and let us know we can pass them and they will come to our stern”. All very orderly, it had paid to communicate!

After that it all flowed. The second TSS had no traffic, immigration came out to us and we handed our documents over to them in a net. Susie seemed disappointed it was a very standard net used to haul fish out not something more fancy.

We are now in One Degree Fifteen Marina, it’s hot and humid and the air conditioning is working.

We’ll be here until 26th November; a few days of TLC for Adina, then it’s time for the family visits.

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One response to “Adina in Singapore

  1. Malcolm & Liz Keenor says:

    Hi there you two……

    Great to see you’ve arrived safely in Singapore and will be having a well-earned break with family and friends over the next few weeks or so. Well done on missing all the through traffic!….akin to flying in to Gatwick or Heathrow, I guess. If a little slower. But clearly just as exciting.

    For the records, I can tell you that (by my reckoning) your voyage duration to date is 617 days since leaving The Hamble!…and ( give or take a league or two), 23,600 miles distance. I haven’t completed my calcs for your sailing-only durations within transits, but it’s about 300 days of continuous sailing. I’ll try and remember to ping you when you’ve completed a continuous year of sailing time around our wonderful and remarkable planet!

    I wear my ‘Adina Crew’ tee-shirt with great pride and religiously continue recording your transit details . There have been a few quirky moves made by Adina whilst in Indonesia, often with short darts of only a few hundred (or less) yards in quick succession. Either you were drunk and disorderly or couldn’t find a good hold for your anchor! I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt!!…And there’s me thinking you’d gotten hold of that steering malarkey by now!!

    God speed to you both and stay safe!

    Malc …..(and not forgetting Liz, of course!)