Happy Christmas!


Friday 25 December 2015

Adina Christmas 2015

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas! We hope you have a lovely day, wherever you are, whatever you have planned. We are in Langkawi, Malaysia and enjoyed a fabulous ‘pot luck’ dinner ashore with fellow cruisers last night. Christmas day we’ve been for a morning walk and then Tom did a champagne breakfast and next we are headed for a Christmas lunch. The sun is shining, the champagne is flowing, we hope it’s the same wherever you are 🙂

Happy Christmas!

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One response to “Happy Christmas!

  1. Wendy 'n Ces says:

    Hi Suzie and Tom

    Happy New Year and good luck in your decision-making over which route to take around Africa. The southerly route clearly presents the greatest challenge in terms of distance, but with L’Isle Meurice, Seychelles, Reunion, Madagascar and S. Africa beckoning and providing plenty of choice in terms of interesting landfalls, You also need to factor in a further issue – are you prepared for another Christmas on Adina without home-made Christmas cake?!!!! The ‘easy’ (and quickest) trans-shipment to Turkey would enable lots of cruising visits to Mediterranean islands such as Cyprus, Crete, Malta, Sardinia and the Balearics (you could also throw in the Corinth Canal to add a bit of ‘spice’). As you state, the option to sail Adina through the Suez Canal carries the albeit reduced concerns re Somali pirates but also the (one hopes limited) potential of a middle east ‘flare-up’ with IS whilst you are in transit.

    Whatever choice you make, we look forward to receiving your fascinating blogs as you reel in Falmouth and Blighty.

    Wendy ‘n Ces

    PS The sun is NOT shining here and now that the champagne has ceased to flow following a trickle during Christmas and New Year, the weather looks and feels bleak. Hey ho, at least the snow is finally expected to arrive in the Alps during the next week or so (je touche le bois).