BIOT to Seychelles – ready to go


Monday 20 June 2016

Ile Fouquet

Ile Fouquet

Adina is all set for her next adventure at sea as we leave British Indian Ocean Territory and set off for the Seychelles. Around 1100 nautical miles, tricky to say when we will get in but we are hoping to do it in nine days. The trade winds have been slow to arrive and the yachts ahead of us have struggled sailing, motoring and drifting and one is still out there expecting to take a two weeks. None of us carry enough fuel to travel that distance under engine alone.

We’ve spent our last few days doing some more exploring and even made up our own ‘BIOT Beach Coconut Games’ (permit required) playing games like shot put and boules with coconuts! Absolutely loved it here, it’s been a real treat spending time in an unspoilt paradise.

The informal ‘Chagos Yacht Club’ that yachts set up here has been packed up and we’ve tidied everything away. It now all gets left to the coconut crabs. There were so many out and about on our last night here and even one on the beach as we headed off in our dinghies. It almost felt like they were saying farewell. The island now returns to the wild.

We haven’t seen the maritime patrol aeroplane again – we’d hoped we would get treated to one more fly by. To Phil and the crew, feel free anytime to come and visit us on terra firma – it would be a pleasure to have you onboard Adina for a sundowner.

That’s it, we’re off to try and find the wind and hope the forecasts are somewhat right.

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4 responses to “BIOT to Seychelles – ready to go

  1. Sue from Haku II says:

    Well done. May the weather gods keep smiling on you.

  2. Roger Harris says:

    Many thanks for another interesting update. My fingers are well crossed for you to find the wind you need.

  3. Ros King says:

    Hi Both, enjoy and let’s hope that the 9 days becomes a reality!! Good luck, will follow your YBT!

    Ros s/y Musetta of Hamble

  4. Mike from NZ says:

    Soooooo envious!! I hesitate to say ‘so lucky’ as it is 95% hard work and determination, not luck that has afforded you two such a magnificent adventure……