“I like to move it, move it” – Adina changes course


Thursday 4 August 2016

Having left the Seychelles on Sunday 31st July Adina has rounded the top of Madagascar and passed through the notorious North Madagascar Enhanced Wind Zone. Our strategy of going south and then bearing away over the top paid dividends and while not a ride-in-the-park it was all in all pretty good going. This is a stretch of water involving tough upwind sailing yachts don’t look forward to and we’re pleased to have it out of the way!  We’ll write more about it later.

All that said, there’s been a sting in the tail as the forecast for our south westerly route down to Comoros has been showing some stronger southerly winds the last few days. We’ve had a stab in getting down but with the winds actually coming from the south west and due to get stronger we’ve had to change plans. So “I like to move it, move it”, we’re diverting to Madagascar!

We had always planned to go to Madagascar after the Comoros so now we get more time there. No bad thing as many cruisers have written they wished they’d spent more time there. There’s certainly lots to explore.

The only snag is we are now in the wind shadow of the mighty Madagascar and it’s going to be a limping affair to get to the islands off the north west coast, especially with adverse current. Ho hum! But we are well stocked and look forward to a fish BBQ with the Wahoo fish we have caught, a few gin and tonics and catching up on sleep once we are anchored.

This is Adina moving it, slow-slow.

P.S. We are aware there are some problems viewing the tracker. From what we have heard it works on laptops/desktops but not tablets. We’ll look into it once we are in.

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3 responses to ““I like to move it, move it” – Adina changes course

  1. Gareth Wear says:

    Tracker works OK on my iPad and iPhone but not on a Samsung Note 3 if that helps.

  2. Malcolm & Liz Keenor says:

    Hi Guys… glad to hear you are alive and kicking and cheerily overcoming the vagueries of our planet’s wind and water.

    Your note that some folks are experiencing problems with Tracker certainly and frustratingly applies to me also. I have tried many times to get in, but without success. So am unable to continue plotting the parameters of your voyage. Grrrr…

    So hopefully you can get your coconuts fixed soon, so that I can do some catching up. Maybe you could ping me an eeee when you believe it to be working properly

    Best wishes from the tracking observatory

    Malcolm & Liz

    Bon voyage

  3. Mike from NZ says:

    Life is a beach guys, suck it up and there are 10 gazillion of us prepared to trade positions with you if all get ‘a little too much’….. 😛