Tracker’s up and running!


Tuesday 16 August 2016

We have removed the need for a password on the tracker page. Adina was only in the High Risk Area for a short while in the Seychelles but we opted to be prudent and hide our movements. That said, we don’t think we’ve ever had a viewing from a country with pirates! But rather safe than sorry…

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5 responses to “Tracker’s up and running!

  1. Ros King says:

    Absolutely Tom and Susie, caution is always good without being too precious about it!!

    Love reading of your exploits and looking forward to more……!

  2. Wendy 'n Ces Cunningham says:

    Hi you two.

    It’s been a long timesince we made contact, but rest assured your blogs have been regularly checked and all the experiences pored over jealously. It would appear that the decision to take the longer southerly route around Africa was the correct one – it avoided meeting Somali ‘pirates’, the more recent activities of ‘so-called’ Isis around the Suez canal and Eastern Med,, and also of bumping into those poor people trying to get across from N Africa to S Europe (how the world has changed in a matter of only a few years! In addition you would have missed out on the Seychelles and current adventures in Madagascar, an island that has been made famous for its unique flora and fauna by none other than Atanborough, that BBC ‘gem’.

    Enjoy the island and of course S Africa – keep those blogs coming, otherwise we shall get withdrawal symptoms.

    Wendy ‘n Ces

  3. Jonathan Harris says:

    Susie Plume (you lunatic). I’m at home watching Swashbuckle with my kids (TV pirates). You are sailing with real ones. Madness. I’m loving the website. You are both very brave. You are now officially an adventurer. I know you will probably come home and be a female cross between Bear Grylls & Wonder woman, but if you don’t do that I have work I want to talk to you about… interesting work.

    • SusiePlume says:

      Jonathan Harris! Really good to hear from you and of your Saturday family entertainment. We’ll be back in the UK next year…. It would be great to hear what you’re up to – will drop you an email.

      • Jonathan Harris says:

        Have a great time. I am loving the website. The posts would make a great book. See you next year. Enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Jonathan