Spending time in Gibraltar


Tuesday 10 September 2013

The tracker hasn’t moved in a while! That’s because we’ve downed tools for a break. Actually, it’s a break from sailing but we’re working with lots of tools getting Adina ready for her sail down to the Canaries. After our trip along North Africa she had accumulated a lot of dirt so a deep clean has been needed (lines, blocks, lazerettes etc. etc.). A few snags here and there (like water in the engine!), and we’ve been installing our new towable water generator. A towable water generator you ask?? Well, it’s a propeller that sits on a long line in the water, which when it spins sends energy up the line and charges our batteries on long passages. One new toy to test.

Susie’s parents have also been to visit so in between them helping us with jobs we’ve been sight-seeing. And we have two other ARC (Atlantic Rally Crossing) boats in the same marina doing the same Atlantic crossing in November, and they are all super people!

Susie, Sarah and Donal enjoying drinks

Susie, Sarah and Donal enjoying drinks

Onboard Millport II, a Moody 47, are the lovely Sarah and Donal plus there great fun boys, Ted and Robert. Donal has been a great help as he’s one of those gifted souls who knows everything there is to know about boats. And we are very grateful. Then there is Tim who has a tremendous sense of humour. He owns a Bavaria 47 called George, and all on his own he is preparing his boat before the arrival of his 5 man crew to sail to Las Palmas. We’ve also befriended an Australian called Ian who is retired and enjoying life to the full sailing his boat on his own. And our neighbours with an American chap called Stephen is also wonderfully friendly. It’s funny, we’ve moved so fast and never really had time to meet sailing people so we’re dead happy where we are and now feel we’re settling into the sailing life.

Just a quick update, more detailed blog to follow.

Not sure when we are leaving as weather is not playing game – hopefully towards end of next week.

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