Adina wins ARC Awards


Tuesday 24 December 2013

We’re delighted to announce that at the ARC 2013 prize giving Adina won the ‘Best Accounts of Life at Sea’ blog!

ARC 2013 prize giving - Lindsay, Tom and Susie

ARC 2013 prize giving – Lindsay, Tom and Susie

The ARC committee cited us as a┬áblog well written, humorous and, nicest of all, providing good descriptions for non-sailors! To be honest it wouldn’t have been possible without all the comments we had and it became part of our daily lives during the Atlantic crossing.

We were also pleased to pick up a prize for one of our parasailor photographs.

As for Adina’s next steps, she has now made her way to Bequia for Christmas with Neil, Hallie and Amelia. We’ll be spending Christmas day with our good friends Donal, Sarah, Ted and Robert from Millport II. The boys have already decorated our boat and Christmas day involves lobster, Caribbean chicken, Christmas pudding and a tot or two of rum.

After that it’s off to Grenada for New Year…

Happy Christmas everyone!


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5 responses to “Adina wins ARC Awards

  1. Calum Mercer says:

    Well done, a very well deserved win. It was fascinating to follow the adventure.

  2. Mal Keenor says:

    Congratulations to skipper and crew, and for keeping us all so well informed on Adina’s progress , despite being put through a number of washing machines during the crossing! Can’t wait for the next episodes.
    Our love and best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and an adventure filled New Year
    Liz & Malc Keenor

  3. Haguesie says:

    Congratulations to you all. Nice work skipper!!!

  4. Wendy 'n Ces says:

    We are now back safely in dear old ‘Blighty’ (wet and damp but somewhat mild) and getting over the jet lag. Hope you had enjoyable Christmas and New Year celebrations in and around the southern Windward Isles.
    A VERY big ‘thank you’ for allowing us to join in the post-race celebrations in St Lucia – we almost felt we were part of the crew at the prize-giving and during the street party at Gros Islet – wonderful experiences. Now that you have lost that essential crew member who provided essential entertainment across the Atlantic (Harold) I expect you will be on the lookout for a replacement – may we be so bold as to suggest another aquatic animal more suited to the lower latitudes and no doubt readily available in the tropics – a sea turtle called ‘Terry’!!?
    We shall be continuing to watch your progress in 2014 – happy sailing.

  5. Hugo says:

    Congratulations. It was indeed an exciting few weeks even from the desk here in London! I look forward to following your adventures further. Best wishes to Adina & crew for 2014.